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Season 1 - 2015

Touring the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the coast of the Great Lakes.
This season has had its most Awesome moments!

the Outer Banks Adventure

This awesome Adventure delivers two episodes

great scenery, food and good times from the Jazz Festival in the town

of Duck all the way down to the NOAA station on the Cape Hatterus shores.

Episode 1

Looking for some good food arriving in the Outer Banks.

Began our voyage at the Annual Jazz Festival in the

town of Duck. Heading down the coast we stopped at the  Cape Hatterus Lighthouse and the NC Aquarium.

Episode 2

Our first stop, another Lighthouse, this time it is the

Currituck Lighthouse. Then came the skim boards, lol.

We moved on to a cool drive on the beach looking for wild horses. Hitting one last lighthouse, the Bodie Island Lighthouse. All made for an awesome week.


The Great Lakes Triple Decker

3 Episodes of cool times hanging out lake side at several different locations.

Enjoying the local culture and attractions.

Episode 1

Check out this little getaway on the hidden shores of

Lake Erie. Enjoying a nice relaxing weekend, hanging out at the TiKi bar, dinning at some cool places.

Episode 2

Liked it some much up at the lake we came back to a different location to check it out.

This time we thought we would check out the Safari Park.

Episode 3

For the finale the whole Adventure Team sowed up.

Checking out the cool town of Vermillion and there cool soda shop. Ending up at the go cart track to get it on we topped our week off with some swimming and some great food.




Jonny suffers loss at his MMA debut in

Caged Madness 35

April 4th, 2015


January / February  -  2015   -   Storm Week

Storm Week Part 1

Storm Week Part 2

Storm Week Part 3


Josh performs at the......  


House of Blues"  

 "Hard Rock Café - Nashville"

Indian Jones