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Season 8 - 2022


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Island Time

Join us on

Put In Bay / South Bass Island
for some great weather, and Island stuff!


episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

the Wildside Safari Tour

Hiking the Trails

26th Anniversary Edition

After a great breakfast we toured a couple of Lighthouses in 20 degree weather with a sub zero windchill coming down from Canada!
Followed by our traditional Anniversary video filled with clips of our most Extreme Adventures!

Snow Ski Adventures 2022

Join me on a couple of
ski runs, flying solo because I just couldn't find
anyone to tie sticks to their legs and hall ass down a mountain, lol




Jonathan Day
Actor / Model
A behind the scenes look at our son Jonny and his Crew's Adventure in his pursuit of an acting career.

2022 Shorts

A Day at the Range

First Snow Day